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Steel Roller Shutters for Industrial & Commercial Premises 
The most common form of solid security for industrial and commercial premises are galvanized steel roller shutters. They are very adaptable and fit most building openings, plus a number of additional locking systems are available to improve security to a high level. 
SDW Industrial & Commercial Galvanized Steel Roller Shutters are manufactured from rolled formed galvanised steel sections (slats/laths) and slide together horizontally to form a rigid and durable curtain. The slats/laths are available in different weights from 22g, 20, & 18g are available in solid, perforated and punched see-thru. Plus the option of a HP200 plastisol finish or polyester powder coated RAL/BS colour finish to suit all types of premises.

Commercial Roller Shutters (Infrequent-Use) 
Small lightweight commercial steel shutters can be manual ‘Push-Up/Pull-Down via a sprung barrel. Larger shutters would have an electric tube motor mounted inside the barrel, which can be operated via a rocker switch, security key switch and if required, fully automated via remote control. The added advantage of the steel commercial shutter is that you can easily fit a section in the curtain of tube & link see-through, if required.

Industrial Roller Shutters (Multi-Use) 
Large heavyweight roller shutters can be Manual Chain Hoist operated or by Electric Single-phase or 3-phase heavy-duty industrial motor with control panel. Fully automated system can be installed to meet your exact requirements. 
All electric operated roller shutters have emergency overrides fitted, in case of a power supply failure, plus an inertia safety brake.

Aluminium Roller Shutters for Domestic and Retail Premises 
The range of aluminium roller shutters is vast. They range from small lightweight rolled aluminium foam filled manual tape operated shutters and lightweight extruded aluminium electric operated shutters for domestic properties, schools, clubs and hospitals. Top of the range are heavyweight extruded aluminium shutters suitable for retail outlets, shopping centres and offices. Most aluminium shutters can be perforated or punched see-through and are available in a range of polyester powder coated RAL/BS colours. Because of the vast range of aluminium roller shutters, it is best to talk with our sales team who will be pleased to help and advise you.

Sectional Overhead Doors 
Sectional overhead doors use insulated sections, hinged together which are pulled up by a pair of cables. The weight of the door is counter ballanced by a spring or springs which are normally placed above the door, attched to a turning shaft. The cables coil up onto bobbins (known as "pots" or "drums") which are also attached to the shaft. 
Sectional doors can be operated using an electric motor or manual, using a chain hoist or a handle on the door so that the user simply lifts the door up. 


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